We believe in a future where every American has a voice – and a vote.

Our mission is simple: to help elect federal Democratic candidates who are unapologetically progressive and aren’t afraid to call out hypocrisy and corruption when they see it.

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It’s time toTurn Left

We’re not here to sugar coat things, so let’s cut the double speak and get down to brass tacks: Our opponents are ready to take our nation into a new dark era of civil rights, prop up treasonous public figures, and sell our lives down the polluted rivers of rural America.

Let’s take the narrative back and Turn Left toward progress.

The American healthsick-care system is broken.

For-profit healthcare means that the only value our lives have can be measured in dollars by big pharma, insurance companies, and exploitative corporations.

We need to get big money out of politics.

We are a SuperPAC that is fighting against itself. Citizen’s United means that Republicans are pulling out all stops to put big money behind the alt-right, and we won’t stand down.

Climate crisis is NOW, and it’s time to act.

We don’t have time to fight over IF climate crisis is real. Farmers and rural Americans have known this for decades. Let’s move the conversation and save the future for our children.

We don’t simply endorse our candidates—we amplify their movement.

The reality is, we’re not a campaign, and that allows us to say the things that others can’t. We won’t shy away from the truth, and we’ll use pointed, real talk to call out the deceit and double-dealing that has plagued our political system for far too long.


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We know that our candidates are ready to fight the good fight, and we’re here to give them the tools and support they need to make a real difference. Let’s be the hammer, not the nail.




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Tracking our impact is how we win.

All across the nation, districts and communities are fighting for the future of our democracy. It’s time to get organized and fight back. Use the map below to explore the races where extremist candidates are up for election and find a way to get involved.

We could use some extra hands.

Turn Left is building a coalition. Right now our biggest need is for content creation wizards, analytics nerds, and people-people. No matter what you bring to the table, we have a seat for you.